BCGA Membership Renewals In September

RenewalsImage via BCAVIATION.CA

BCGA Membership Renewals In September

Featured Association – written by Jason J. Baker – The B.C. General Aviation Association has called upon its existing membership- base to renew their memberships prior to September 1, 2018. The declared mission of BCGA is the promotion of general aviation in British Columbia to pilots and non-pilots and they are working constantly on getting pilots from across the province together.



Recent free membership numbers have seen sharp rises, however the number of supporting memberships is fairly low. The leadership team is refreshing and the credo of the group is completely untypical for your average pilots association.

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The team has three core missions: Taking care of the member’s best interests, transparency and integrity. There is a page in the “Members Only” sections of the website that outlines all the Association expenses as well as all of the contributions. The BCGA is run by pilots for pilots and the members have a right to know where their contributions are being spent. The association is run on a 100% volunteer basis. All directors work for no compensation. By the way, seaplanes are no strangers and very welcome within the group!

So, here’s a shameless plug for BCGA on We’d like to encourage you to join up as a supporting member of the association, even if you live and fly in the United States, Canada, Africa, Belgium, Spain, Australia or Hintertupfing, Germany. Everyone with a passion for aviation is welcome! Check them out via