Visiting Wings & Wheels 2018 In Hamburg

Wings & WheelsThe Special Guest at the Wings & Wheels 2018 Event. Image: Jason J. Baker

Visiting Wings & Wheels 2018 In Hamburg

We had the pleasure of being invited to experience Wings & Wheels in Uetersen Heist, close to Hamburg last weekend. Both Chris Buckner and myself jumped on the opportunity to go. Niels Mundry and Christoph Becker provided special VIP tickets and even helped find a hotel space for each one of us for the event, which lasted from Friday to Sunday. Attending the whole weekend was the right choice. After being grilled in Germany and large parts of Europe in the weeks and months prior, things looked fairly bleak from a weather perspective on Saturday. Still, Wings & Wheels was a super motivating weekend for us and we appreciated the hospitality and atmosphere!

Nothing beats having classic airplanes, muscle cars as well as motorcycles congregate in one spot and we enjoyed this event tremendously. Located a few miles northwest of Hamburg, the short 85 mile trip can be made into a 2 ½ hour driving ordeal, but the show is definitely worth it.

Cessna 195 – Image © Jason J. Baker

What made it a extra special MUST GO event for your “ Team” – was the appearance of “Miss Pick Up” who had flown in from Mazury Airshow to attend the event prior to continuing to the next show. A great opportunity to meet the crew and some of her owners as well as David Legg, who is the editor of the Catalina Society Newsletter and acted as Crew Chief.

David Legg (R) and Chris Buckner posing next to Miss Pickup, Image: © Jason J. Baker

Niels Mundry and Marvin Huckings, who had the furthest travels, coming from Wichita, KS.

Niels looking over the captains shoulder during a VIP flight

Niels Mundry reports roughly 20.000 visitors over the whole weekend. Hooters Hamburg sponsored the VIP food and drinks, however there was a multitude of food trucks with very reasonable pricing. The show was good for the whole family. With the weather the way it was, its easy to understand a lot of pilots cancelling their flights to Uetersen, winds on Saturday together with heavy shower activity made many NOGO decisions easy.

Several aerobatic displays, parachute jumps and glider aerobatics rounded the event for those who were more focused on AVGAS burning things with wings, but the automotive and motorcycle audience got to see a lot for the low entrance fees. All in all a very well organized and fun event and we would not want to miss the 2019 version of it.

Check out Most importantly, take the time to pencil it into your calendar for August of 2019. Not something you wish to miss! Dates will be announced here.

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  1. Hi Guys – great article on our visit to Heist for Wings & Wheels. It was good to meet up with you and show you over the Catalina. She is back in the Uk now after doing another show in Germany – at Soest near Dortmund.

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