Review: Seaplane Operations (Baj/ De Remer)

Como Seaplane Base - Image: Marco Di Pilato

Review: Seaplane Operations (Baj/ De Remer)

Como Seaplane Base – Image: Marco Di Pilato

Written by Jason J. Baker – What makes a good seaplane pilot? The answers one could get range from getting through your seaplane training just as quickly as possible (before hopefully staying as far away from any seaplane as possible) to the more generalized assumptions which are based on the size of the logbook or the wallet. In reality, a good seaplane pilot is constantly learning and refreshing knowledge. Here’s the perfect tool to do just that. My sincere thanks to Marco Di Pilato from AeroClub Como for sending this copy!

Details about the Book

  • Title: Seaplane Operations
  • ISBN: 0-9622159-4-5
  • Author: Cesare Baj and Dale De Remer, PhD
  • Price: ~ 35 Euro’s from AeroClub Como
  • Pages: 351

What To Expect?

The most comprehensive book encompassing the entire topic of seaplanes and flying boats, techniques, tricks, tips, maritime information, weather, waves and water-dynamics, handling and general considerations – in short – everything one could ever want to know, or run into spread over 26 chapters. This book affords the reader a complete study and preparation for the seaplane rating. For experienced seaplane pilots this book easily serves as the most complete knowledge refresher out there.

Who Should Read The Book?

Aspiring seaplane pilots, instructors and designated examiners will find something they didn’t know or forget in this book. Of course, some learn seaplane flying from a 3 page pamphlet containing the checklist and a general explanation of the physical movements and considerations to keep in mind to pass a canned practical test. On those this book may well be wasted. But everyone with a serious interest that goes beyond the expensive flight review and those who strive to be at the top of their game, will find the book highly enriching.

In Conclusion

Can or should a 20 year old book on seaplane flying still be bought or reviewed? I think so! I had bought this book when it came out from ASA and it was one of countless books left behind in the U.S. when I left. Both Baj and De Remer are well respected authorities in our industry, both employ a writing style that goes well with professional aviators and both manage to still reach the so-called “lowest common denominator”. The book is far from being a “straight” education resource, in fact both authors bring the topics across with the right mix between emotion, knowledge, cold hard facts and … passion. Graphics galore for those who learn easier by the use of pictures, and a seaplane calculator in the back of the book that has no peer.

My Book Rating

Visualizing concepts and compressing the world of seaplane flying into one comprehensive book is quite a feat and I don’t think any other book comes close in terms of depth. Its a 20 year old book so I will spare you to scale out of 10 game and instead suggest for you to just get one. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Very nice and well written review Jason. It is loaded with stuff like you say, I doubt there is anyone that can’t learn something from it. In fact, thanks for the reminder, I need to read it again before the busy flying starts. Thanks . . .

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