Waterbird Gallery Overload As Of Late

Waterbird GalleryImage courtesy of Kevin Franklin

Waterbird Gallery Overload As Of Late

If there’s one thing to say about our readers and friends it would be that they have never ever left us stranded with pictures from the field for our Waterbird Gallery. By now we have so many pictures on file that we could stop writing articles and instead bring a new picture or video per day for the rest of the year and well into next year. This one comes courtesy of Kevin Franklin.

Waterbird Gallery

Image courtesy of Kevin Franklin

If you have a picture to share, please send it to [email protected]! We genuinely enjoy the contact with our readers and love being able to feature our readers passion here on Seaplanemagazine.com! Who else gets to do this? Try us! Send a picture today! If you can’t find the featured picture in our Gallery itself yet – not to worry – updating the gallery takes a bit of time, which just isn’t available at times.