Save Lives And Help Families At The Same Time

Help© Tara Terry

Save Lives And Help Families At The Same Time

© Tara Terry

Submitted by Sky Terry — Donated non-perishable foods gathered at the Lake Way Fred Meyers will be delivered by the volunteer Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART) pilots of Clallam County to area food banks as part of a critical lifesaving training operation on September 15. The food will be flown out of Bellingham International on that day to Clallam County. Food drive starts August 8, 2018 with the Last day of the food collection being September 14th.

Picture taken by Alan Barnard the Aviation Coordinator for Clallam County

DART pilots train for major earthquakes and other disasters to provide
rescue, medical assistance and critical medical supplies in time of need. We are using the donated food to simulate the transport of supplies and helping feed needy families at the same time.

Your food donations create a WIN – WIN for people’s lives!

How To Donate Online:

Log on:
Reserve Date & Time of pick up.
Any date and time from 8/12/18 to 9/14/18 only at the 800 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, WA location.
Shop for any canned or boxed item.
Pick-up! When finishing order put pick up person as Karla Booker.

How To Donate In Person:

Shop at the Lake Way Fred Meyers for any canned or boxed item and once purchased take to the customer service desk and let them know it’s for the Clallam County September 15th disaster exercise and they will hold the food.

Sky Terry is the Emergency and Disaster Response Editor at and has written extensively on the topic of incorporating General & Business Aviation into the mix of first response after natural disasters. If you wish to get involved in the effort or begin developing your own plan to start an Emergency Response Team, please contact him via Email. To learn more about the Emergency Volunteer Air Corps visit Sky Terry also puts out frequent email updates on the progress of these effort reaching a large number of individuals.

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