Oshkosh Waterbirds From Wipaire’s Amy Gesch

Amy GeschImage: Amy Gesch - Wipaire, Inc.

Oshkosh Waterbird From Wipaire’s Amy Gesch

Fellow seaplane aficionado Amy Gesch wears more than one hat. Especially prior to big Aviation events, she gets buried in work so deep that reaching her requires a search and rescue team. Not only is she Wipaire’s Marketing Manager and henceforth plays a big part in this website’s existence, she’s also a well known photographer on the EAA Volunteer team which captures everything Oshkosh in pictures. She recently sent a whole bunch of pics for us to share. So, while the social media fireworks about Airventure have slowed considerably, we can still bring you some of the magic.

Amy Gesch

Image: © and courtesy of Amy Gesch – Wipaire, Inc.

Amy Gesch

Image: © Amy Gesch – Wipaire, Inc.

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