Find Jake Morrel At The Intl. Seaplane Fly In

Jake MorrelImage: Courtesy of Jake Morrel - Hardscrabble Lodge

Find Jake Morrel At The Intl. Seaplane Fly In

Frustration levels definitely rise when important events are missed. While this isn’t new to us, it’s a strong indicator on how the cookie crumbles in today’s day and age and in our deeply divided industry. Today starts the second Greenville Seaplane Fly-In we heavily promote, but can’t afford to attend or report from, ourselves. We may be beaten, but we are not lost! Fortunately our magazine has friends and followers who volunteer to help us reach more of our readers.

Jake MorrelDuring the show, you are able to find someone who is available for questions and stories about and what makes this website unique. At the Greenville Seaplane Fly In 2018, please navigate to find Jake Morrel, who is promoting his book series and also acts as our official representative during the Greenville Show!

He can tell you all about becoming a Guest Editor, how to send pictures to us or what the purpose of has traditionally been – and will continue to be. As a featured guest editor and sponsor who helps us bring this magazine, he is also fully qualified to answer questions from people who may have heard rumors about us.

Jake has flyers and business cards on hand and we hope you will go and say hi. Don’t forget to check out his books, they will make great gifts for pilots and seaplane aficionados all around the world! For those not able to go – visit the Hardscrabble Lodge to buy author signed copies of the books. His newest work “Gary Dumond Remembers – Maine Warden Pilots” is currently on review, which will appear here shortly!