Another Nice Waterbird From Bryan Bourn

BryanPicture: Bryan Bourn

Another Nice Waterbird From Bryan Bourn

Opening our email account [email protected] is like opening a Kinder Surprise Egg. You never know what you get. Bryan Bourn’s Lake Amphibian is a nice addition to our gallery. This was taken at Lake Ada in Northern Minnesota.


Picture: Bryan Bourn

Every Sunday we feature one picture from one of our readers. Submissions by Email are preferred at [email protected] and if your picture made it to us, you will ALWAYS hear back from us! Eventually, all the reader pictures featured here get included on our Waterbirds page.

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  1. Ah – My old favorite N7611L. I ferried this Lake from Sanford Maine to Mishawaka Indiana when it was new…way back in 1968. The sales of all Lakes was located there. She was one of the nicest Lakes I have flown. Landed slow, cruised fast. In fact, when I sold my demonstrator a month or so later, I bought her myself and flew her back to Massachusetts. John Staber, Lake Historian.

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