Dedicated Website For Antilles Air Boats

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Dedicated Website For Antilles Air Boats

Tom Anusewicz recently reached out to inform us about a new website dealing with the beauty of days long gone by. The good old days, when large flying boats hadn’t been replaced by jets and airlines and adventure was a natural part of travel by air. Even if most of us are too young to know much about this part of aviation history, its prudent to secure the information and footage for future generations to come.



For those of you looking to add to their historic aircraft reading list, will provide hours and hours of entertainment, stories, information and pictures. Tom says that the website is and continues to be a work in progress. He can be reached via Email: [email protected] Contrary to the “competition” we’re not afraid to link to other websites who deal with things everyone feels passionate about – so a sincere thank you to Tom, for reaching out to us!