NARA Rebrands Its Name To IADA

IADAImage via Press Release

NARA Rebrands Its Name To IADA


Image via Press Release

International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) is the new rebranded name for the former National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA). The organization’s board of directors changed the name to reflect the international presence and global importance that members of the largest and most influential organization for aircraft dealers already display.

“When our board reviewed the activities of our members, it reinforced that the organization’s dealers operate effectively throughout the world, successfully conducting aircraft sales transactions on many continents,” said IADA Chairman Brian Proctor. “Our new name – International Aircraft Dealers Association – certainly reflects this reality and speaks to the global significance that makes our group the world’s most trusted aircraft dealers.”

As the International Aircraft Dealers Association rolls out its new identity, the organization will introduce a number of initiatives in the coming months, including a new website, a highly sophisticated international search portal for aircraft offered by IADA dealers, and processes to standardize and streamline aircraft transactions, including third-party accreditation of aircraft dealers in the U.S. and abroad.