A Sparkle That Only Water Flying Can Provide

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A Sparkle That Only Water Flying Can Provide

Opinion Editorial written by Jason J. Baker — Having been in and around airplanes my whole life has been a blessing and a curse at times. But as you can probably tell, the number of blessing days still exceed the number of cursed days, otherwise I would have selected a different career and professional focus. I may struggle with the financial challenges of doing what I do for a living, but being my own boss and dealing with the subject matter that changed my whole life, is an incredible privilege.

A while ago I shared one of the large motivators for paying closer attention to seaplanes and things that can fly and swim. Here’s a small story and pictures which should be shared with those thinking to get their seaplane rating, currently struggling with getting it finished up – or in need of another excuse for starting the training sooner, rather than later.

Image: Jason J. Baker, John Craig’s Aeronca on floats.

I am a firm believer in the theory that only small aircraft deserve to be called Ultimate Freedom Machines. Sure, owning a TBM 930 or Piper M600 has perks when the need for quick and “comfortable” transportation from point A to B comes up.

But, if you’re like me and have the urge to avoid dealing with “feel good security” or traveling with chronically under-performing airlines, you should derive maximum pleasure from the pictures below. The beauty of it all sits a bit deeper and isn’t defined by how many millions of dollars I can stuff into a hangar. Its what you take from the activity of flying. I think we’re all pretty privileged to be part of aviation and the impressions which burn themselves into (y)our brain, the experiences we get to enjoy, are invaluable.

General Aviation has something to offer for almost every budget and for almost every level of passion and dedication. Everyone can enjoy this as a hobby and even the oldest hangar can turn into a magical place, if – what you put into it – touches your heart.

I know that I am asking highly biased readers to tell me what they think about the words of a highly biased writer, but what activity (if any) allows anyone to mix boating with flying? How could anyone not enjoy this? The benefits of boating, mixed with aerodynamics.

Meticulously kept: John Craigs Aeronca Champ – Affordable flying fun, just add water!

At the end of the day seaplanes and flying boats represent the only true adventure-style flying, providing ultimate freedom and peace. Sure, you can slap bush wheels on a Cessna 185 and skim across the water (love it!), but you can’t land and fish. Sure you can buy a big boat and go fish – but the thing ain’t flying!

The joy is of course not just limited to seaplanes or things that fly, its also in the connections we make, the friendships we value, the experiences we share and the sights we get to see, because they become possible.

Image: Courtesy of ICON Aircraft

Its those magic things we may not be able to adequately cover in a short Facebook post, or really fully capture in a picture. Its imagination turned real, independent of location or social status, or the size of the wallet.

Seaplane Picture Of The Week - June 19, 2016

To me, it doesn’t matter one bit what type or brand of small airplane you fly. What matters is being a part of it, living the lifestyle, shaping it by the quality of our community. And that, dear Seaplanemagazine.com reader is why we need to continuously work on getting new blood into our industry, why we need to foster and integrate newcomers and convert those who are pushing their nose against the glass – wondering how to start – into aviators.

Jason Baker works as a freelance writer and marketing & advertising consultant. He holds a commercial pilot certificate (SEL/SES/MEL), instrument rating as well as advanced & instrument ground instructor certificate. Jason is the owner & managing editor of Seaplanemagazine.com. For more information about consulting services offered, click on Consulting & Services. Advertising spots for 2019 are being offered now. If your company wishes to appear here in 2019, the time to get in touch is now.

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