Portugese AT 802 F Fire Boss Action In Sweden

Fire BossImage: Courtesy of Air Tractor Europe S.L.

Portugese AT 802F Fire Boss Action In Sweden

Our two articles about our renewed effort to add more effective tool against wildfires in Germany into the mix caught some very positive attention and it traveled Europe and the world. It also reached Hugo Arceo in Spain, who is responsible for Air Tractor Europe S.L. a company in Spain which is specialized on this type of work in Europe and offers turnkey solutions to those who have realized their need for aerial firefighting equipment. Hugo sent some pictures and a great video, showing the Fire Boss in action during wildfires in Sweden in July 2018.

The Fire Boss, which sits on Wipaire’s 10000 amphibious floats, fills its hopper of 800 gallons in 15 seconds from a fairly short body of water. The wheeled version is easily used as firefighter as well.

The goal for our project presenters in Germany is to make sure our politicians  will be to get a better idea of operational cost, acquisition/ lease cost and have questions in regards to infrastructure, maintenance, initial crewing and training answered. Not an easy task Рso it seems, especially considering that decision-makers seem to have been ill advised in the past. Frank Degen and Peer Forberg who proposed the solution and put in the legwork (against strong opposition) to get politicians to act, are working tirelessly. Our readers can still obtain a copy of the  EU Study from us via Email.

The Fire Boss shows itself as a highly capable and well regarded contender in this mix and it beats applications like the PZL-18 with ease. The airplane collects extra points by low initial purchase/ acquisition costs, relatively low operational costs and the need for only one pilot. Properly worked into our existing system, a number of them could be deployed and would make a big difference if and when the next wildfires strike. More information about the Air Tractor lineup of aircraft is available from AirTractor.com