Seeking Advertisers & Sponsors For 2019

SponsorsWe Are Hoping To Have More Opportunities In 2019

Seeking Advertisers & Sponsors For 2019

Behind The Curtain Of – written by Jason J. Baker — Our site was started in January 2016 with the goal to promote Water Flying, its surrounding industry and those people and companies who make it all happen. Despite this activities unnatural exclusivity and high demand in personal and financial investment to fly seaplanes, our site was welcomed with open arms and open minds – with only few exceptions. The primary goal of the site is to balance and compensate for the lack of information outside of the “social media circus” which has all but destroyed people’s ability to obtain more than superficial information.

We Are Hoping To Have More Opportunities In 2019.

These days, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google + and many other platforms are literally bombarding users with advertising, cross promotions, re-marketing as well as behavioral targeting. In other words, every single picture, video or post shared on any of the platforms is heavily monetized. For publishers, the new algorithms spell disaster – to be specific, organic (unpaid) reach is constantly declining. Our own organic social reach has by a bit over 61% within the last twelve months – meanwhile we reach nearly 145% more people in total than last year!

Social Media Is NOT The Answer To Aviation’s Challenges

Companies pay a healthy dime to reach you. Suffice to say, if we attempted to employ the same “pay to play scam” on this website, there would be one article per month. And even then, readers would be denied content until they have consumed the mandatory advertising. We broke with status quo on this site. Ever since June 2017, when Chris Buckner and I decided to give it a final burst of power – we have brought more than 600 articles to our readers, a monthly average of 37 articles! No less than 27 guest editors have contributed articles to

A Fight Without Gloves: Media & Advertising Buy

Between the 1910’s and 20’s many print advertising agents came up with the idea that human instincts could be targeted and harnessedand be sublimated into purchasing commodities. Print advertising became the means to accomplish this task. Competition became stiff among the various print titles out there and today the fight behind the curtain is constant and extremely harsh, both in print and online.

In 2018 and beyond, advertising in print appears to be more tradition than necessity, because online aviation magazines provide more timely industry information and reach a much larger and more diverse audience. Add to this that most print magazines are geographically limited in reach and subscriptions aren’t free.

Catering to a niche audience in a highly seasonal industry makes the job of finding supporters quite difficult. While homo sapient has learned that social media isn’t the answer, the aviation industry is marching on with it’s social hype, departing from the independent press. The decisions made during the slow time of last year affect our site and what it can do all year long.

We Need Some Help & Support

There were major events we hoped to attend in 2018 with the help of companies in the seaplane and aviation industry. In the end, only one company and a silent sponsor truly stepped up to help us bring Seaplane Magazine to its now ~ 26,000 unique monthly visitors from around the globe. Even though we share our articles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – total landing traffic conversion from those channels depends on… you guessed it – how much we can pay for that.

In order to make 2019 more meaningful and expand our coverage, we need a second top sponsor (aircraft manufacturer, insurance company, engine or propeller manufacturer, pilot shop or aviation association) and at least three to four companies making a serious commitment to the sites future.

This is not something we can accomplish while at the mercy of advertising agencies and definitely not something we can accomplish with companies who show fascination for our free coverage, but ignore us when support becomes a topic.

Pricing starts as low as € 100/ month and the most expensive ad here still costs less per year than a half page 4 color ad in the advertising column of any print magazine would cost per month! Considering what the industry spends on print and in which frequency – we can definitely compete – except we do in fact reach the next generation of pilots – instead of those who are looking for a place to hang their pilot hat. Please consider sharing this article with the decision-makers in your professional aviation network. When it’s time to talk, we’ll be standing by for questions and to provide a individual quote.

Note: After last years marketing agency induced disaster and due to the way we were treated, the decision was made not to work with third parties to secure advertising spots on We will not provide quotes to individuals or agencies which claim to represent ghost customers.

Advertising Contact: Jason J. Baker, Phone: +49 (0) 173 812 4992 Skype:, and the simplest way to reach me is by email: [email protected]