Sydney Seaplanes Pilot Supposedly Knocked Out

Pilot Supposedly Knocked OutImage From File

Sydney Seaplanes Pilot Supposedly Knocked Out

Jerry Schwartz, a hotelier who recently joined Sydney Seaplanes as a shareholder, has claimed that  fatal crash in December 2017 may have been caused by the pilot being knocked out by a front seat passenger.

Pilot Supposedly Knocked Out

Image From File

Schwartz says that he believes that the front seat passenger in the aircraft may have knocked the pilot in the temple during a quick movement when trying to take a selfie picture. “The current belief is the passenger at the front actually knocked out the pilot.”, according to Schwartz who spoke with various news outlets on topic.

Sydney Seaplanes managing director Aaron Shaw previously suggested pilot incapacitation was a reason for the plane’s sudden right-hand turn off the planned route. “Something definitely happened to the pilot to incapacitate him,” Mr Shaw told Australian newspapers. A official report and accident synopsis is due next year.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau issued a report in 2016 which evaluated the reasons for pilot incapacitation between 2010 and 2014. In those 5 years, there had been 23 pilot incapacitation occurrences reported per year on average. Nearly 75 % of the incapacitation occurrences happened in high capacity air transport operations (about 1 in every 34,000 flights), with the main cause being gastrointestinal illness, followed by laser strikes.