Small Seaplane Hull Comes Apart: No Big Deal

Small SeaplaneImage: Via Local News Release

Small Seaplane Hull Comes Apart: No Big Deal

Image: Via Local News Release

In Kenosha County Wisconsin, a pilot crashed a *Advanced Aeromarine/ Keuthan Buccaneer II (Experimental)* into Camp Lake after “the hull came apart”. He them swam to shore, hitched a ride home and skipped reporting the accident to anyone.

According to police, the pilot remained “remarkably calm” upon being questioned by authorities about the accident. The pilot from Illinois was apparently not convinced that the crash was important enough to report it to local authorities, it was a person noticing the wreckage who called police. The N-Number search for the aircraft revealed its owner.

“Someone saw him and saw he was cold and said, ‘I’m going to give you a ride home,’ and that person didn’t contact anyone either,” Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said during a news conference on Monday. Police said the pilot told them he didn’t think the crash was a big deal and that he planned to go back for his plane later. In this case, the attempt to avoid media hysteria and knee-jerk recovery attempts by people who are oftentimes untrained and unaware of what it takes to recover an aircraft properly, seems to have backfired.

As for the cause of the crash, the pilot stated that the plane’s hull came apart. The Federal Aviation Administration was notified and will investigate, according to local papers. In particular, section 830.5 states, in part, that the operator of any civil aircraft shall immediately notify the NTSB when (a) An aircraft accident or any of the following incidents occurs:

  1. Flight control malfunction,
  2. A flight crew-member can’t complete his duties,
  3. Failure of certain parts of turbine engines
  4. In flight fire,
  5. Midair collision,
  6. Damage to property over $25,000.

NTSB reporting requirements are spelled out in Part 830.15, in fairly simple terms. Immediate notification of the local NTSB field office is required and within 10 days the operator shall file a written report. An accident is defined as “an occurrence in which any person suffers death or serious injury, or in which the aircraft receives substantial damage.

*This article was edited from its previous version, and updated with the correct aircraft make and model.*

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