Event Report: Mazury Air Show In The Rearview Mirror

Mazury AirshowAll Images: Courtesy of Jakub Fajfer and the Mazuri Airshow Team

Event Report: Mazury Air Show In The Rearview Mirror

Guest Editorial written by Jakub Fajfer — The summer in Europe this year was long and beautiful. When I look out the window now, I can’t help but think that now it is best time for some memories of this summers Mazury Air Show. I am not going to write a lot. Images are always worth more than words and we have already written about the planned attractions in previous articles.

Mazury Airshow

Image: Rogucki Andrzej

We are happy and proud that the number of seaplanes appearing at our event has been growing every year, for five years in a row and we managed to achieve a two-digit result this year, just as we had hoped.

So, did they like it? They sure did! This is evidenced by the fact that we are hosting them every year more from year to year. Those who have already visited us come back to us. Some even every year. And almost everyone who came back brought other seaplane friends. Its really important to me to make clear that some crews have to put forth a lot of effort to reach the Masuria region. Like, for example, our friend from Switzerland, Giustino, who traveled his ULM Savannah for 36 hours.

Mazury Airshow

Image: Rogucki Andrzej

The crew of Catalina Societies PBY 5A from Great Britain, in their kind words summarized their first visit with us here in the Masuria region:

It was great fun to attend the closing ceremony and be awarded the largest trophy we have ever received! We very much appreciated the superb hospitality of the organizers and sponsors and the chance to ‘network’ with other members of the European seaplane community and we very much hope it will be possible for Miss Pick Up to visit Mazury again before too long. Thanks to all involved from Captain Paul Warren Wilson, Pilots Derek Head and Steve Porter, Crew Chief David Legg and Crew Member Humphrey Truswell.

Finishing, I would like to – also on behalf of the entire organizational team – say thank you to all the participants and particularly to the pilots and crews of seaplanes. Some of them have to really overcome many challenges to meet us at Mazury. And we value it very much. At least as much as the warm and cheerful atmosphere created by this great, international group of passionate friends.

Image: Jakub Fajfer

We cannot wait to see you all again for Mazuri Air Show 2019 which will take place from August 3-4, 2019. I hope you have enjoyed this collection of images!

Jakub Fajfer is a private pilot, parachute jumper as well as member of the Gdansk Aero Club. He serves as the Co-Organizer of Mazury Air Show and also as Chief of Pilots Cooperation Team responsible for event pilot acquisition, cooperation and all contacts, responsible for the show program. Born in Masuria,  he spends his everyday life in Gdansk, Poland. To learn more about the Mazury Airshow, please visit mazuryairshow.pl

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