Perfect Shot Capturing David Legg In Action

David LeggImage: Rogucki Andrzej

Perfect Shot Capturing David Legg In Action

There are two kinds of people on this planet. Those who have been given a tour of “Miss Pickup” from David Legg, and those who haven’t. David is not only the editor of “The Catalina News”, he also serves as one of The Catalina Society’s crew chiefs on the aircraft. The grand old lady turns 75 years of age this year and has an exciting 2019 flying season ahead of her. You can join and support the Catalina Society by clicking here!

Image: Rogucki Andrzej

While we didn’t get to see the old lady in her element, we spent the majority of our time at Wings N Wheels 2018 with our colleagues, crawling all over, in- and underneath this amazing bird. An experience of a lifetime, triggering our own Chris Buckner to put his videography and editing skills to use.

Without the patronage and support of our Top Sponsor Wipaire, Inc. we would not have been able to do this trip. The number of monthly visitors to our site have now well exceeded our servers capacity, creating the need to upgrade our hosting and server packages. Invites for events we could report from are piling up already. Please consider supporting our work to feature #TheFutureOfWaterflying by display advertising or corporate sponsorship and/ or by becoming a subscriber! How? Write to us at [email protected]

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  1. Thanks to for its terrific support for the Plane Sailing Air Displays Ltd Catalina which is also supported by The Catalina Society. Flattered to read Jason’s comments although I’m not the only guide and all our volunteers and crew do a great job 🙂

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