Hellenic Seaplanes Could Be Flying 2019

Hellenic SeaplanesImage: Courtesy of Hellenic Seaplanes

Hellenic Seaplanes Could Be Flying 2019

“Seeing is believing!” So goes the saying in many atheistic households and it may be a valid sentence heard from people who are watching the development of commercial seaplane operations on the European continent. Greece has been rightfully dubbed the Riviera of Europe and recent news reports have shed more light upon the efforts to bring a commercial Seaplane operation to life in the country. Note that this story started before we launched our magazine and what kind of political and financial turbulence’s Greece has been and is still struggling with.

Hellenic Seaplanes

Image: Courtesy of Hellenic Seaplanes

A draft bill introduced to Greek decision-makers in 2016 has been inching through the process at snails pace with bureaucratic holdups and environmental licensing questions causing most of the delays. Not an unusual sight for any European country, other European Seaplane- undertakings have taken anywhere from 3-5 years to materialize, often longer.

Some 250 million Euros  ($248MM) of financial backing from Petrichor Capital Partners was announced last year, paving the path for the development of a waterway network in Greece and the acquisition of mission- capable aircraft. Hellenic’s founder and CEO Nicolas Charalambous indicated being upbeat and ready to go, when learning that the now “simplified” licensing process was bound to make a launch possible in 2019.

Hellenic Seaplanes is aiming at providing scheduled transportation services and on demand charter, cruise ship – and resort transfer services, but also Medevac flights and freight services, deploying famous and versatile Twin Otters and Dornier’s CD2 Seastar.

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