SPA Founder Quam Shares Folsom DC-3 Pics

SPA FounderImage: Courtesy of David Quam aka. SPA1

SPA Founder Quam Shares Folsom DC-3 Pics

David Quam (aka. SPA1) sporadically reaches out to share some of the cool pictures from days long gone by. These ones are from days when Folsom’s DC-3 on Floats was still a fixture in the seaplane world and could be seen on water. At last check, this amazingly graceful beauty was sitting in Greenville in pretty dire shape, but probably hoping that some caring soul (preferably one with pockets deep enough) will revive her back to life.

Working on this machine is quite an act as the following images show. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Thanks to David Quam for sending these and sharing them with the readers of our humble!

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