Tropic Ocean Air Launches ACE Program

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Tropic Ocean Air Launches ACE Program

Tropic Ocean Airways reports having teamed up with Delta Air Lines Subsidiary Endeavor Air to launch its new Aviator Career Enhancement (ACE) Program. The ACE Program is aiming to provide commercial pilots with “mentor-ship, professional development, and a defined career pathway to potentially become a pilot at a major airline”.

ACE Program


The airline says it is recognizing the need to attract more young people to the aviation profession. Rob Ceravolo, Tropic Ocean Airways CEO stated: “We give them invaluable experience, making them more attractive to airlines. Our partnership with Endeavor Air in this recruiting effort will prepare our future pilots for an exciting career. Providing a clearly defined career path for young, ambitious pilots will be an industry game-changer.”

The company hires pilots with a minimum of 250 accumulated flight hours. When pilots meet the required qualifications, they are eligible to interview for enrollment in the ACE Program with representatives from Tropic Ocean Airways. Tropic Ocean Airways’ pilots admitted into the ACE Program receive a guaranteed employment interview with Endeavor.

Tropic Ocean says its making a significant investment by preparing future pilots for the airlines through the ACE program. The ACE Program develops future captains using Tropic Ocean Airways’ training curriculum which has been developed to align with Endeavor Air’s Part 121 flight operations procedures. Its program is modeled after U.S. Navy flight training best practices. Pilots in the ACE Program receive prioritized flight training, professional development coaching, as well as career mentor-ship. To learn more, visit

In 2018, Tropic Ocean Air had filed a lawsuit against two of its former pilots as well as their competitor Tailwind Air, seeking to enforce its non compete and non disclosure agreements with its pilot staff. Pilots deciding to jump on with the airline sign agreements barring them from working for any competing seaplane airline within specific geographic boundaries for a time period of two years.

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  1. Just read the linked article on the lawsuit. Unbelievable! From what I hear, being treated like an idiot must be a desirable accomplishment for someone who has spent time and money on becoming a professional pilot? The only reason Endeavor works with them is that they struggle to find enough people with a pulse willing to be treated like crap. How can the Seaplane Pilots Association of Florida have a personality like this as a field director and still get money from pilots??? Probably the ugliest dog and pony show the seaplane industry has ever had. Sick. Pilots beware!

  2. After reading the “official” news release they shared via PRWeb, I quickly checked this site to see if their glorious ACE program would be featured news here. Nice job on the factual and neutral reporting. Wonder if the big ego Top Gun Rob Ceravolo will try to beat you again, for allegedly being a “biased journalist”?

  3. Interesting read. In response, I would say it appears the “largest amphibious seaplane operator” is having an identity crisis.

    The airline flow is a nice concept for a flight school, but professional pilots with ATP mins don’t need an agreement to get a job at a regional these days. The reality is that the seaplane industry is NOT the regional airline industry, and to confuse them is a mistake. I would have been more impressed to read an article about how the ACE program was going to develop and retain the future leaders of the seaplane industry.

    Maybe instead of alienating their current and former pilots with lawsuits and hefty contracts, they should focus on three words: RE. TEN. TION. If the company had mildly respectable retention numbers they wouldn’t need a gimmick to attract young pilots. The key to retention isn’t a mystery. Is it PR fluff? No. It’s primarily compensation, quality of life and quality of flying. Long term retention has to include some stability and good leadership.

    But back to the news, nice job, and congratulations to Endeavor for locking in a couple more pilots.

    Harry Pilot

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