FlyNano Debuts Toy For Adrenaline Junkies

FlyNanoFlyNano - Man Was Born To Fly

FlyNano Debuts Toy For Adrenaline Junkies

Opinion Editorial written by Jason J. Baker — Last weeks breathless news included full and global press attention for the new FlyNano, an electrically powered flying contraption from Finland, aiming to make seaplane flying accessible to everyone at a price tag under $100.000. Running this “enthusiasm powered” industry publication which you appear to frequently visit, of course the FlyNano won’t be skipped from our humble magazine!


FlyNano – “Man Was Born To Fly”

Most remarkable comment about the new flying jet-ski was a lead in to an article which appeared on Manual, stating: “While flying a traditional seaplane hardly seems exhilarating enough to get most adrenaline junkies out of bed, the new FlyNano is no ordinary seaplane. The best part? You don’t even need a pilot’s license (Editors Note: Europeans call their pilot certificates licenses) to fly it.

At the time of this writing, the people who fly our now obviously extremely boring and soon obsolete float planes and flying boats, seem to react slightly chilled by the idea to be sharing increasingly inaccessible or difficult to access waterways with non-certified (or non-licensed) pilots. Certainly it appears as if FlyNano’s launch campaign is putting other aircraft manufacturers, who are frequently trolled to death for employing the “wrong marketing approach” square out of the spotlight.

Ecstatic fun, pure excitement, exploding adrenaline levels and a low-low price, plus no legal obligation to obtain training or knowledge are subject to the test of time. While there is agreement in homo sapiens continued quest for developing new methods to eradicate itself from planet earth, I remain skeptical of the method chosen here.

Personally, I really hope that both, FlyNano and those who decide to buy in on the machine, will do everything in their power to apply a minimum of common sense when boosting their excitement levels into outer space. This could be accomplished by encouraging customers to thoroughly familiarize themselves on the concepts of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and the often purely physical and often unimpressed reaction of the human body to impacting water or planet earth in a less than perfectly controlled fashion. Some feeling tells me that FlyNano is going to pay lots of attention to doing just that! Some other feeling tells me that lots of wrongful death specialized attorneys have their pencils sharpened and are ready to go to war, at a moments notice.

Another suggestion I have heard from some (at times) sarcastic readers and thought leaders has been encouragement for those “MAN WAS BORN TO FLY” concept followers to fill their hopefully helmet protected skulls with learning’s about the proper use of legally usable waterways. There also seems to be a collectively held hope to see FlyNano’s makers do everything in their power to strongly encourage their clientele to act within the boundaries of common courtesy and respect for those who have tendencies towards filing lawsuits or forming citizen groups, when innocent fish get electrocuted or falling debris lands on privately owned lakefront properties or boats.

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