Waterbirds: The Squeaky Clean Paspaley Mallard

MallardImage: Courtesy & Copyright Daniel Bolton

Waterbirds: The Squeaky Clean Paspaley Mallard

Keeping Seaplanes and Flying Boats which get exposed to salt water alive and well requires some special attention.  Washing the plane down with lots of fresh water is as mandatory as constantly inspecting any and all areas which are known to collect water over time. After washing a Mallard one may feel like approaching a Fiat Panda when taking the bucket and mop to the Skyhawk or Supercub. Enjoy the squeaky clean Paspaley Pearling Company Mallard after a wash. The image is presented to our readers courtesy of Daniel Bolton.

Paspaley Mallard

Image: Courtesy & Copyright Daniel Bolton

Daniel submitted one of our most popular guest editorials to date, getting about 13.000 hits from all over the world within the first week of being shown on Seaplanemagazine.com. If you’re interested to see what it’s like to Captain this ship, please see Daniels excellent article: The Story Of The Flying Boat Pilot

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