Borey Amphib Receives TC Acceptance Letter

Borey AmphibianImage: Courtesy of AeroVolga

Borey Amphib Receives TC Acceptance Letter

AeroVolga, the manufacturer of the Borey Amphibious Aircraft received Transport Canada’s Letter Of Acceptance in January 2019, for the Borey Model A, as Advanced Ultra-Light Aeroplane (AULA). This is the first amphibious AULA in Canada and will certainly provide an advantage to flight schools. Students will be able to acquire their Ultra-Light Pilot permit on land and get checked out as a seaplane pilot.

Borey Amphibian

Image: Courtesy of AeroVolga

AeroVolga’s team of engineers worked long and hard to optimize weight and simplicity while maximizing strength and serviceability for the Canadian AULA market. AeroVolga Scientific Production Union (SPU) is a Russian Limited Liability Company founded in 2002. The first aircraft manufactured, the LA-8 twin engine eight-seat amphibious aircraft, made its inaugural flight in 2004. The company received the Quality System Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 (GOST ISO 9001-2011) in relation to the design, production, operation of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft.

Aero Volga’s manufacturing complex has a total area of nearly 135 Acres, including an airport with a concrete and grass runway, industrial manufacturing facilities and auxiliary buildings spanning 27.000 square feet. The manufacturer currently employs approximately 100 skilled professionals throughout several divisions: design office, production (work-shops), maintenance and continued airworthiness. The company “AeroVolga” works in close international cooperation with foreign partners, in particular, with the Swiss company Aeronautique Design & Service Bureau. The Borey was part of the famous Circumpolar Flight Excursion last year, which we featured in various articles.

More About The Borey

Leveraging Aero Volga’s extensive experience and manufacturing capability, the design of a two-seat amphibious aircraft was initiated and in 2016 the Borey’s first flight was celebrated, sales efforts took place in 2017 and the first deliveries to customers in Summer 2018.

In total, nine aircraft have been delivered to customers with one being scheduled for delivery in Germany in March. The next delivered aircraft will go to Canada. In October of 2016, representatives of AeroVolga had met with Transport Canada, AARRD in Ottawa to discuss AULA -TP10141 design standards and requirements to qualify and to be listed as an eligible Advanced Ultra-Light Aircraft.

For more information visit AeroVolga and for technical information in Canada contact Patrick Gilligan at [email protected] . Parties interested in becoming a dealer or distributor please contact George Alafinov at [email protected] or check out the Website at

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