Cliffhanger: The Tropic Ocean Air Lawsuit

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Cliffhanger: The Tropic Ocean Air Lawsuit

A last minute cancellation of the scheduled hearing for February 11, 2019 (Motion to compel plaintiff to produce required documents) may have left pilots who hoped to get a live and full- color glimpse into what is going on in the seaplane industry looking for other ways to spend time in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The hearing was cancelled on February 8.

Tropic Ocean Air, LLC

Within the commercial seaplane pilot community around Florida and New York, awareness levels may be described as “elevated”, after Tropic Ocean Air filed a Lawsuit against Tailwind Air, LLC and two of its former pilots, alleging breaches of non compete contracts and in particular claiming that competitor Tailwind acted with malicious intent, when hiring the former Tropic Ocean staff members trying unjustly to gain a contract with BLADE in New York.

In Florida, a court has three options if a plaintiff fails to serve process within 120 days of filing the complaint. (1) The court may direct the plaintiff or opposing party that service be effected within a specified time; (2) dismiss the action without prejudice; or (3) drop the defendant as a party. The complete record of court documents may be viewed by visiting and searching for case number: CACE18016421