Breathless News Upon ICON A5 Touch And Go

St. Louis Arch"Miracle On The Hudson" Style Reporting in Missouri.

Breathless News Upon ICON A5 Touch And Go

For those looking to add some fame and news coverage to their otherwise mundane life, try this: “Land an ICON A5 in the Mississippi River and take off again!” Doing so, even without the slightest malicious intent, caused breathless local news coverage yesterday afternoon, gathering everyone’s undivided attention in Saint Louis. You may get a chuckle out of desperate reporters referring to the issue as St. Louis “Miracle On The Hudson”. Then again, realizing how bent out of shape the news media complex is these days, reality may make you sad…Breathless

Before the fire department was able to figure out what had happened, the plane had safely returned home. Rick Rief operates the Icon A5 which got collective blood pressures up, spoke with reporters. Incidentally, he’s the regional sales manager for ICON Aircraft. “It’s an amphibious aircraft, which is why we were running our demonstration flights and landing in the river,” said Rief. “We followed all the right procedures, had clearance from the tower and we’re just trying to have fun,” he told the local tabloid, which went out of its way to dominate peoples afternoon with their “breaking news”. To learn more about the ICON A5, visit their website.

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