Fox News Completely Redefined Seaplanes

Fox NewsReality at Fox News. We improved the image to give the news more "bite"

Fox News Completely Redefined Seaplanes

A brand-spanking new Piper Cirrus XL 172-SEAHAWK (that’s an aeronautic and spaceflight capable Water Fly- craft also referred to as “Seaplane”) recently scratched the ice during a landing attempt in Alton Bay providing further proof that the world of journalism has arrived in the toilet. Fox News “Lifestyle Editor” Michelle Gant was likely confused by the many “Experts” chiming in, or maybe there were none available at the time?

Fox News

Reality at Fox News. We improved the image to give the news more “bite”

Of course someone shakily filmed the breaking news of Quax’s somewhat ungentle arrival as you can see in Fox’s news scribbling. The article had accumulated 180+ comments by Friday morning and even Nancy’s dog realized it’s not a seaplane, but the article stood completely uncorrected until late Sunday when the headline silently changed. So much for reliable National News!

It will now take approximately 3 years to correct the falsehoods which got spread all over the place like manure and which, by the way, will be picked up by countless other news outlets who all want a piece of the advertising revenue that breaking news containing airplanes of any sort always affords. On various news outlet websites, the crashed Piper PA28 will go into history as the first seaplane that wasn’t one.