SPAA Splashdown 2019 Seaplane Pilots Conference

Splashdown 2019Event Invitation SPAA - Courtesy Promotion

SPAA Splashdown 2019 Seaplane Pilots Conference

Courtesy Seaplane Event Promotion — The friends at the Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia are inviting for the 2019 Splashdown Seaplane Pilots Conference in Rathmines from May 16 to May 18, 2019. Don’t forget that the Rathmines Catalina Festival is on for Sunday May 19 2019, so adjust your travel plans accordingly.

Splashdown 2019

Event Invitation SPAA

Registration covers your attendance at all conference sessions and includes lunch and dinner meals at Club Catalina from Thursday night until Saturday night. Conference registration payment will also include your annual SPAA membership renewal! There is a Money-back weather guarantee if you plan flying to the event and get weathered out. To join and support the work of SPAA individually, click on the banner below.

Early Bird Conference registration is discounted to $345  if registered and paid up prior to March 31. Full Conference registration will be $395 for registrations received after March 31. Dinner Only registration is available at $50 per person, per dinner. A ‘Partners’ guest registration is $150 (non-pilot’s program only). For more information contact: Donna Handley via email: [email protected]

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