Crocodiles May Munch On Seaplanes And Passengers

CrocodilesThe coloring of the teeth is used as indicator of the animals diet. Paint chips indicate that the Crocodile may have consumed a Seaplane!

Crocodiles May Munch On Seaplanes And Passengers

Opinion Editorial written by Jason J. Baker“Write more catchy headline!” That’s what the consultant at “India Better SEO Yesterday”, Sharek Mumbass whispered into my ear after I had e-wired the equivalent of my personal motor-vehicles value to India for better SEO you website, immediate! Here I am. Practicing! Of course the real reason for this headline serves my inquisitive mind and testing if sharing this article on Facebook will create better than 53 hits from our now more than 1,800 Followers.

Tehri Lake India

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But of course Seaplanes will be a topic of this articles, and Crocodiles too. That’s because a recent headline that was a whole bunch more catchy, caught my attention, informing me of Indian authorities quest to evacuate 500+ of these friendly pond-pets to better accommodate their dietary needs. Independent research shows that aircraft grade aluminum is a bit hard to digest for these toothy giants. Removing these opportunistic and often group-think influenced food processors is proving to be quite a task. As everyone thought, the animals are, by and large, emotionally unavailable to discuss human desire for expanding business on a deeper level.

“Aluminum Eating Crocodiles Ahead!”

This sentence was my Seaplane examiners preferred method of trying to shock me into performing a Go-Around. The first time I looked at him a bit puzzled, laughed and proceeded to land the plane, before receiving a schooling of sorts about… well, you guessed it, Crocodiles eating habits! He always yelled all kinds of things at me while trying to see if my landing technique could be improved to a level that wouldn’t leave dead fish floating around.


Paint chips between the teeth may indicate that the Crocodile has in fact consumed a Seaplane!

Of course the relocation of the Crocodiles is rather well reasoned. The Crocodiles in the two ponds which are intended to be used by tourist- carrying seaplanes fall under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act. The India Times quotes the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Narmada, Dr. K Sasi Kumar: “We are rescuing the crocodiles from Ponds 3 and 4, which are close to the site. We have put 10 teams of officials for the exercise.”

There appears to be some confusion about where the moody reptiles are supposed to be released. The Forest Department has started evacuating animals from the ponds on the Sardar Sarovar Dam premises on the Narmada, to make way for the seaplane service planned to promote tourism around the Statue of Unity. Another topic of concern appears to be that nobody really knows how many Toothy Daisies are in the water, since they don’t appear to respond to calls or head-counts. No reason for panic, there are basically no seaplane pilots available for an interview on large Crocodile attacks. As far as I know, none ever reported back to the main office after being attacked.

Those who have flown Seaplanes in the Sunshine State of Florida may have seen the smaller version of what our Indian friends have swimming around. These are called Alligators and they sport their own disturbing attitudes! Equally opportunistic and ready for a quick bite or a meals on wheels delivery, these guys and gals swim around freely and mostly undisturbed by Seaplanes, serving as Seaplane pilots unique motivators to verify that gear position prior to landing and to have some Olympic level swimming techniques in their portfolio.

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