A Sad Loss For The Seaplane Community

Jim WagnerImage: Via The Ledger

A Sad Loss For The Seaplane Community

James (Jim) Wagner, a well known and very highly liked figure in the seaplane community perished in Winterhaven, FL this weekend, when the Twin Bee UC-1 he was instructing in crashed into a home. His student and several people occupying the house walked away a bit scared but without serious injuries. The aircraft crashed shortly after departure from Winterhaven Airport.

Sad Loss

Image: Via The Ledger News, Florida

“Jim is a loss for the entire seaplane community, you could not meet a nicer character” one of the pilots who reached out to us said. Many pointed out his high experience and excellent flying skills. Jim Wagner also influenced many of Tropic Oceans past and current pilots. The official cause for the crash is under investigation at this time and we will be providing more insight as the investigation concludes. Sincere condolences from our entire team to all those who met, knew or flew with Jim.