Strategic Partners Could Help Seaplane Magazine

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Strategic Partners Could Help Seaplane Magazine

Special Update From The Trenches written by Jason J. Baker — As a feature and news publication in its fourth year of existence, we have the privilege of working with – and be inspired by – many amazing people and companies within the seaplane industry. We don’t call Seaplane Magazine a magazine for no reason. Our goal was always; and is today, to provide more than just the news from an industry which traditionally doesn’t produce many news, but harbors the most exciting parts of what General- and Sport Aviation has to offer.

While “straight news” are often referred to as need to know information, we knew from the start that our website would go the way of others and just fail for lack of content, if we followed suit. It took a village, countless guest editors, thousands of frequent visitors and tireless promoters besides many thousands of hours of work, to get to where this site is now.

We launched this site with the goal to also feature these so-called want to know things which often receive attention in the local press, but barely ever make it on the front page of a website like for example or AIN. Our mission is put seaplanes and flying boats, but also industry developments dead front center, here. This has helped shape our site into the worlds most up to date news site on seaplanes and flying boats. What helped even more, was to get some excellent writers lured into the daily grind to further spread our wings.


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With the help of Wipaire, Inc. in Minnesota we got a tremendous boost to do just that. Wipaire was the first company to send us a news release in 2015, even before our official launch! We have been open for news from all companies within this industry, independent of sponsorship or advertiser status, since the start. Last year we were able to support 6 different seaplane associations, we featured several events and promoted many seaplane companies, due to this support.

With personnel- changes and a subsequent reconstruction of Wipaire’s Marketing efforts, we recently learned the bad news that our Seaplane Magazine isn’t expected to have any meaningful impact on Wipaire’s future business strategy. As a consequence, the sponsorship- based advertising here is expiring on February 28 and a renewal was turned down for 2019.

So, here we are, looking for new strategic partners. Maybe there are companies who may be willing to help boost Seaplane Magazine while promoting their products and services to the worldwide largest targeted audience on the topic of seaplanes and flying boats? We’re open for proposals and ideas from all parts of the industry. Our readers appreciate our non intrusive advertising and the fact that their privacy is valued, but they also appreciate to see our industry players supporting what they think is a good thing…

Seaplane Business Expansion


Immediate Consequences

The lost sponsorship forces me to implement several changes to our 2019 plan. Cleaning our 2019 Events list up and cancelling all but one event we unfortunately had already confirmed prior to learning the news was just a first step. Further, I had to cancel our entire association membership budget for 2019, which was dedicated to support local associations who are fighting on behalf of seaplane pilots all over the world. All these things are made possible by sponsorships and support from the industry.

I have had to hit the brakes on “free event promotions” and had to cancel travel to more than fifteen advocacy and networking-related events during 2019. In reality this is just a small fraction of the changes coming, to keep this site halfway sustainable. Hyperventilating about how to pay bills is not conductive to providing this show.

We would like to secure another top sponsor for this spot which will turn blank at the end of February 2019. The top spot was initially sought to be filled by two major players in the aviation industry, which would have allowed us to cover most events and stay free for our readers and friends. But we also have other than top spot options available starting at low monthly pricing. Last but not least, we can help with Pilot Wanted Ads and Advertorials.

There is a truckload of benefits for a float manufacturer or aircraft manufacturer deciding to buy in on our Top Spot advertising. No worries, even the absolute top dog sponsor on Seaplane Magazine pays far less per year than some companies pay for a single full page advertising in print, per month!

Safety Week

Flipped seaplanes and flipped handshake-deals have much in common.

The money raised with advertising here goes straight back into content and coverage. Our international success and the popularity with our readers rests with a clearly defined focus and much different approach than most pay to play clubs, associations and print magazines.

We plan to keep delivering up to 6 articles per week. We’ll continue feature industry changing companies, passionate stories, pictures, videos or providing insights for newcomers and networking opportunities and we will remain committed to our readers who helped this website grow and prosper.

A big shout-out of thanks to our current sponsor AeroVolga, who is playing a big part in the last several weeks and futures continued existence of this website.

I personally look forward to hear from companies and readers who are interested in being part of our future set-up. My email is always open at [email protected] Updates on the subscription situation should be forthcoming by the middle to end of March 2019. Until then, I remain thankful for your continued support and patronage and all the positive and encouraging comments received during the last few months. Its been truly humbling, to say the least!

Jason Baker works as a freelance writer, marketing & advertising consultant and translator. He holds a commercial pilot certificate (SEL/SES/MEL), instrument rating as well as advanced & instrument ground instructor certificates. Jason is the owner & managing editor of and also serves as Editor Europe for on a freelance basis. For more information about consulting services offered, click on Consulting & Services. Advertising spots for 2019 are being offered now. If your company wishes to appear here in 2019, please get in touch now.

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