Tropic Ocean Vs. Former Pilots And Competitor

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Tropic Ocean Vs. Former Pilots And Competitor

The court presiding over the lawsuit Tropic Ocean Airways filed against two of its former pilots and Tailwind Air, LLC has received a new 20 day Request for Enlargement of Time. With this request, Tropic Ocean seeks to gain more time to produce the documents demanded by defendant Tailwind Air, LLC, as part of the fact finding in the lawsuit which is on file under CACE 18016421 at the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County.


The initial lawsuit for damages and injunctive relief was filed on July 9, 2018, however SPM did not learn of the ongoing suit until after we had published an opinion editorial on non compete agreements. In the suit, Tropic Ocean sued two former pilots as well as the airline which went on to hire them for respective breach of their non- compete and non-disclosure agreements, further claiming that Tailwind Air should be held responsible for lost business and prevented from interfering with Tropic Oceans clients in the future.

Plaintiff claims that defendant Tailwind was enabled to gain a contract with BLADE in New York due to having hired “specifically trained” pilots, stating that one of the captain qualified pilots had held the position of Chief Pilot, according to FAA documents, a position held by Jim Wagner who perished in a Twin-Bee crash in Florida last weekend. It is further alleged that the pilots shared internal and highly confidential information to help Tailwind Air, LLC to gain unfair advantages, causing Tropic to loose part of its business with BLADE.

If the motion for extension of time is granted by the presiding judge, Tropic will have to produce evidence backing up its claims against Tailwind as well as the pilots. The court will then be moved to determine the actual enforceability of both non compete and non disclosure agreements and make a determination if hiring these two particular pilots was in fact in violation of existing laws.