When The Passion For Waterbirds Runs Deep

PassionImage: Courtesy and Copyright Tricia Dunham

When The Passion For Waterbirds Runs Deep

Those of you who enjoy the excellent guest editorials from Tricia Dunham on our magazine may appreciate to learn what makes a person who is not a pilot enjoy our site so much that she would reach out with pictures and eventually become a frequent contributor. Here’s a example of how lives are affected by having a seaplane in the family.


Image: Tricia Dunham with her amazing mom and German Sheppard Sheba.

Tricia is one of these people who will stop her truck right smack on the side of the road to watch a seaplane land and she’s not one of those who’d call 911. Many of our readers grew up with and around seaplanes and we think that makes for a particularly large family of seaplane nuts. She recently sat down with her dad for more inspiring stories to share here and we can’t wait to bring them.

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