Book Review: Gary Dumond Remembers

The Review of the book... finally!

Jake Morrel’s Gary Dumond Remembers

Book Review written by Jason J. Baker – Just prior to the 45th International Seaplane Fly In in Greenville, Jake Morrel finished and released his book about one of the legends of the Maine Warden Pilots – Gary Dumond. The book had arrived here for a perfect vacation review and was read cover to cover in a more than fitting setting. This is the third book I got for review from Jake, you may remember the Dick Folsom book which was reviewed in April of 2018.

There are two kinds of pilots in this world – those who have flown seaplanes in Maine and those who haven’t. Those who haven’t have missed out on some stunning scenery, amazing colors, amazing water and an overall challenging flying environment that demands some respect. Most of those who have are mostly unaware just how far into danger- land one can get with a seaplane, when the purpose of the flight changes from leisure, to a matter of live or death.

Maine Warden Pilots know which floats will break ice, and they can tell what its like to load an injured hiker into an airplane that has ice on its floats. They know how to survive negative temps in a world that requires breaking into someone’s camp to make the night… and they have stories to tell which should not go unread by our generation of youngsters…

Details about the Book

  • Title: Gary Dumond Remembers – Maine Warden Pilots
  • ISBN: 978-1-63381-145-4
  • Author: Jake Morrel
  • Price: $21.95
  • Product Website:

What To Expect?

A conversation captured in text requires the reader to employ a different, more active reading style. Further, the scenery requires the reader to engage with the Great State of Maine. I will continue to recommend a Maine Gazetteer.  Its a complicated State, because it is both – beautiful for vacationers and challenging for people who expose themselves to it on a more engaged level. If you think that living off of mother nature in Maine is fun, most Mainer’s would encourage you to think again – life in a simple tent can be pure horror. Just a single State bird (Mosquito) who decides that you are good for dinner, can drive you insane.

Not without reason – people who wish to engage with nature in the State of Maine are advised to educate themselves on the in’s and out’s of surviving this level of nature.

Gary Dumond’s account of his Maine Warden Pilot days will open a new level of appreciation for the harsh reality the Maine bush will hold for those brave guys and gals, tasked with rescuing or recovering people who slightly overestimated their skill and ability and underestimated the sheer power of what can happen in the woods of Maine.

Who Should Read The Book? 

Anyone who has ever thought of becoming a bush pilot, most certainly anyone who ever thought of becoming a Alaska Bush Pilot, will gain an insight into how stuff went down before Garmin Inreach and Delorme SPOTS. Times in our not so distant past, when the phone rang and some pilot got word of a lost hunter or person missing. Now imagine – your workhorse is a Cessna 185 or a Piper Cub on PK floats – you know quite well what you can and cannot do – and you know better than well what your plane can do…

In Conclusion

People who have experienced Maine in its true and harsh beauty and have some geographical knowledge or are in possession of a Maine Gazetteer from Delorme (to spot the lakes referenced in the book) will walk away admiring those who came before us and kept the woods of Maine rather safe for all kinds of characters.

Those who look at seaplanes as more than “bringing adventure back into aviation” will wish to have sat on the very table Jake got to sit while talking to Gary Dumond. Mind you, Jake isn’t a rookie seaplane pilot himself – the things he has seen and done require it’s own book. But he learned from the best and he lets you take first seat in a cinema that shows reality as it used to be. Humbling for most modern day seaplane captains – refreshing for the other bunch.

My Book Rating

Biased reader – biased editor. Excuse my brevity and forgive the straight plug. Wanna be a seaplane pilot and claim to know more than the average rich Joe with his magic flying carpet? Go break ice with your seaplane, go break through the ice with your trusty set of PK’s or try to keep your engine warm when mother nature conspires to do one thing… KILL YOU.

I would be an ass to tell you that I don’t love Jake (Victor) Morrel for his ability to take you back on time and show you reality. Educational stuff always RULES with me. If you do buy the book – please do me a favor and get yourself a Maine Gazetteer from Delorme or pop onto Google Maps to get a better clue of what you are looking at! 10 out of 10, please get the book at And yes – it’s a straight 10 out of 10.

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