Tropic Ocean Airways Seaplane Lands In Cuba

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Tropic Ocean Airways, a south Florida-based airline has partnered with Pacific Bound Yachts, to complete the first water landing in Cuba in more than 60 years on March 5, 2019, according to a press release published on PR Web.

The flight was a private charter, coordinated fully by Pacific Bound Yachts and happened to pick up guests from a private yacht, located on the southern coast of Cuba, for transport to Miami International Airport. The long awaited flight took quite a bit of planning for the yacht company, to ensure all necessary protocols and approvals were in place.

Both teams conducted thorough research of the area and worked with government officials from both countries to make the feat possible. Tropic says that Pacific Bound Yachts was instrumental in the success of this initiative, providing critical details regarding optimal landing locations and facilitating all the required permits and approvals.

Tropic Ocean’s aircraft departed from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, made a brief stop in Key West, before continuin into Cuban airspace, where Cuban Air Traffic Control “guided” the aircraft to the designated water landing area, where it was greeted by Cuban Customs & Border protection.

“Seaplanes are part of the storied history of Florida’s connection to Cuba, dating back to days of the Clippers operating the air bridge between Miami and Havana…” said Tropic Ocean’s Founder and CEO, Rob Ceravolo . “I’ve heard for almost a decade that reintroducing seaplane flights connecting the two nations will never happen. Our company is built on removing the limits on what is possible – this historic water landing is a testament to that. We feel fortunate to share this historic moment with Pacific Bound Yachts; we appreciate their support and partnership.”

The yacht company stated that navigating through the proper official channels took several years and is proud to have accomplished the task with the partnership of Tropic Ocean Airways. “We are proud to add this to our list of aviation ‘firsts’ in Cuba such as the first helicopter landing on a private vessel in Havana harbor in history, and now the first seaplane landing in the country since 1959, according to Cuban Civil Aviation,” said Founder and COO of Pacific Bound Yachts, Lisa Greenberg.

On May 17, 1913 Domingo Rosillo del Toro conducted the first flight between Key West and Cuba with a Bleriot XI. The Department of State maintains an exhaustive list of restrictions and sanctions for entities planning to conduct any activities in Cuba.