Strategic Partners Could Help Seaplane Magazine

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Strategic Partners Could Help Seaplane Magazin

We are looking for strategic partners and sponsors!  Maybe there are companies who are willing to help boost Seaplane Magazine while promoting their products and services to the worldwide largest targeted audience on the topic of seaplanes and flying boats? We’re open for proposals and ideas from all parts of the industry.

Spots are available starting at low monthly pricing. We can help with Pilot Wanted Ads and Advertorials. There is a truckload of benefits for a float manufacturer or aircraft manufacturer deciding to buy in on our Top Spot advertising. No worries, even the absolute top dog sponsor on Seaplane Magazine pays far less per year than some companies pay for a single half, or full page advertising in print, per month!

The money raised with advertising here goes straight back into content and coverage. Our international success and the popularity with our readers rests with a clearly defined focus and much different approach than most pay to play clubs, associations and print magazines. To get started or learn more, please reach out to Jason J. Baker (Publisher/ Editor) via Email .