Alaskan Waterbird From Jack Jaunbral

JaunbralImage: COPYRIGHT Jack Jaunbral

Alaskan Waterbird From Jack Jaunbral

Featuring reader images is fun. Jack Jaunbral recently submitted the following shot to us. Our readers are real people flying real airplanes, harboring a real passion for what they do. Become part of and reach out to us via Email to have your image(s) featured with those people who do not depend on Facebook headlines for their daily news-consumption.


Image: COPYRIGHT Jack Jaunbral

Due to repeated copyright violations (people downloading our images from Facebook and then re-posting them on Facebook as their own without proper credit, we will no longer share our Sunday Waterbird images on Facebook. We also no longer accept Facebook messages or comments as a valid means of communication. If you have one of your own images to share, please take the time to reach out via [email protected].