Seaplane Magazine Is Now Available In Print

Seaplane Magazine Print

Seaplane Magazine Is Now Available In Print

Effective immediately, world-renowned Seaplane Magazine is available as a subscription print magazine! Sporting top insider articles and information not available elsewhere, the inaugural edition of the magazine comes as a one year subscription and its chuck full of prestige! Be one of the first to hold the 365 page print magazine in your hands, which will allow you to look at one full page per day! You’ll still have the rear cover to look at when the subscription renewal is due. We are unfortunately not permitted to sell the magazine in Lakeland, Florida or Winterhaven.

Here comes the great part: Other than the cover page, there will be just blank pages, which makes this magazine the perfect solution for extremely busy executives and those who enjoy reading their fake news on Facebook, but still wish to have something in the bathroom to mindlessly thumb through.

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Image: E-Powered Caravan’s On Floats

Deteriorating reading and comprehension skills create desperate times for print publishers, hence there have been some staff changes along with the new business venture. After designing and selecting the topics for the title page of Seaplane Magazine’s first inaugural cover, Horst-Wilhelm Baker announced stepping down as managing editor and owner of the website, as he has accepted a new and exciting opportunity as underpaid gear operator flying amphibious Cessna Caravans for an award winning seaplane airline in Florida.

“I’ve always wanted to work for peanuts and get my sorry ass taken to court, lets do this!” Baker stated during his exit interview. According to off the record statements, the Seaplane Pilots Association in Florida had offered a volunteer field director position in Siberia to Baker, which he turned down due to his burning desire to be a real pilot and gear slinger again. The highly qualified knitting- expert will also teach ground school for aspiring Seaplane Drone Pilots in Florida.

His replacement at will be 28 year old Jack Russel Terrier Taylor. Taylor can be reached at [email protected] and takes on full editorial responsibility of the website effective today. “I am very excited to take Seaplane Magazine to this next important level of success and tremendous revenue and am pissing happy to finally see Baker gone!” Taylor holds advanced degrees from various acclaimed universities and an advanced PhD in Poop Sniffing. Executives from the entire seaplane industry showed delight when learning of Baker throwing in the towel with the magazine. “It was getting difficult to explain why we would advertise in the local nursing home entertainment rag, but not with” one stated. “This will make life easier for our Marketing experts!”

Taylor is not a certaf regulated certificated seaplane pilot and local experts raised concern that she may not even be a Jack Russel Terrier. Her writings have appeared in other highly acclaimed publications like Aero Verse Plight, where she was acting Editor of Editors. We could keep you updated on that developing story, but probably wont. Readers interested in the new print version of Seaplane Magazine should reach out to [email protected] to order their copy.

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  1. Field director in Siberia? Hilarious!

  2. I cancelled my SPA membership long ago. Well written and true!

  3. Horst-Wilhelm,
    You posted on the SPA forum, way back when you moderated it, that you would be editing seaplane articles for the rest of your life. That’s just like a no-compete contract. Sorry, slaves can’t quite they have to be sold.

    Get back to your keyboard and keep typing or we’ll sue your &$$ off……

  4. Jason,

    Where do I send my check for the print edition?

    Bravo for finally becoming a real journalist and having you drivel put in ink!

    Love it! Such a special day! Looking forward to all the comments. Undoubtedly, there is probably cheering from parts of the seaplane community when they read about the new editor.

    Best of luck swinging gear


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