Book Review: 80 Years, A Tribute To The PBY Catalina

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Book Review: 80 Years, A Tribute To The PBY Catalina

Book Review written by Jason J. Baker – Those of you who saw my “Preview” for Hans Wiesman’s new coffee-table book in honor of the PBY Catalina, may have wondered just how long it could take before the actual review would appear. First, Hans encountered delays at the printers, and then the book had to circle half the globe to get here. It arrived at the headquarters and here I go…

The first very important distinction I would like to make about this book is that this is no ordinary book about no ordinary machine and written by no ordinary man. This isn’t Wiesman’s first rodeo and the nearly two decades of work and research are showing on every single page you flip. Now I could keep this review short and crisp and just go tell you to buy the book, but that would be cutting cookies and unworthy of this work of art. And that’s what it is, from cover to cover. A true and full- on tribute to a now 80 year old airplane that raises the blood-pressure of those who love it.

Details about the Book

  • Title: 80 Years, A tribute to the PBY CATALINA
  • ISBN: 978-9-08281-000-4
  • Author: Hans Wiesman
  • Price: $39.95 Introductory/ $49.95 Normal Price
  • Product Website:

What To Expect?

Besides its impressive size, weight and the quality of the paper, you might well say that this is a must have on the PBY Catalina/ Canso. I received the book just two weeks ago and the sheer volume of information is showing the dedicated work of a guy who has chased around the planet to produce this. With 400+ photos on 288 pages, this book highlights the full career of the iconic “Cat” from 1937 to 2017.

Who Should Read The Book? 

Anyone who has ever seen one, heard one, smelled one or been in one, or has an interest in this significant aircraft’s history and certainly anyone with a passion for historic large flying boats will find weeks and weeks of entertainment and information in this work.

In Conclusion

A coffee table book that will serve as an amazing resource. Don’t expect to thumb trough it in a day or two, I have reverted to focusing on a chapter at a time. Don’t be intrigued by there being 400 photos on 288 pages, there is a LOT of text and information. The size is impressive.

My Book Rating

A straight 12 out of 10. What?! There’s two reasons for topping the chart and I admit bias due to having been a fan and follower of this aircraft for at least a decade and a half. A coffee table book either strikes you at first sight and you dedicate to spend significant time with it, or it doesn’t. I would dare say that anyone with a remote interest in these aircraft (many other types are dealt with within the book) in this work will be amazed. Added bonus, there is a large author signed picture which can be used for framing included. This review previously appeared on on our magazine on May 29th, 2018.

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