Happy Waterbird Greetings From Russia

Waterbird GreetingsImage: Courtesy & Copyright Rodion Nikolyan

Happy Waterbird Greetings From Russia

Those supporting the theory that our earth is flat always appear to dismiss the concept that those who live on the other side of the plate are required to walk upside down. We’d constantly be nervous to fall off, but recent photographic proof from our friend Rodion Nikolyan in Russia shows that everything is just fine there!

Waterbird Greetings

Image: Courtesy & Copyright Rodion Nikolyan

The image above highlights the grand opening of a monument honoring a Russian Navy warrior by the name of Fyodor Ushakov, who was responsible for the modernization of the Russian Navy in the 18th century. Our friends attended with their seaplanes. #TheFutureOfWaterflying is alive and well in many parts of the world and we here at Seaplanemagazine.com are proud to be the selected publication for featuring it.

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  1. Absolutely hilarious comment. Thanks!

  2. Wow! Actually, living in a ball would require that you be upside down. Flat earth makes complete sense. Antarctica keeps the water from “falling off the edges”, so to speak. You should question everything. Truth does not fear investigation. Check out channels like DITRH, Celebrate Truth, Jeranism, flatearthbrothers, and more. Look into the book by Edward Hendrie called The Greatest Lie on Earth”. May God be true and every man a liar.

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