How To Get Your Seaplane News Covered Here

Seaplane NewsImage: Courtesy Tahiti Air Charter

How To Get Your Seaplane News Covered Here

We are what pops up first when internet users search for Seaplane News! The users who find us and follow us are often surprised not to find news from certain companies featured here. Most of the time, this has rather silly political reasons and sometimes its caused by companies increasing en-slavery to Facebook & Co. We run a pretty streamlined operation here and at times, this can mean that a particular “news release” is completely skipped from – not because nobody cares, but because time for editing is limited.

Seaplane News

Image: Courtesy Tahiti Air Charter


Here are some tips to make sure your news release makes the cut. News-makers may use this as a free tip sheet or to determine why a particular release didn’t make it. If there are questions, reach out via [email protected]

What Constitutes A Good News Release?

Journalists and News Editors are rarely moved to tears of happiness by the exaggeration, grandstanding and hyperbole which often depart copywriters email accounts. When the selection is made what gets covered, the editor often goes by a few simple rules of engagement. Here they are:

  • Is the topic relevant to our audience? We receive an average of 50 “for immediate release” pieces daily, but those following our page know that we bring ONE article a day. Naturally, some material is of little to no interest and can be found on any of the hundreds of news sites out there. Do you think our readers want us to be a free copy and paste farm, or do you think they come here for something more unique?
  • Is there a lot of hyperbole or superlatives? Remember the 5 important W’s which should be answered in any news article. Marketing and advertising is not news and a news article should never read like an advertorial. Converting some of this text into factual news often condenses it, however more than 200 words should be left at the end. Editing costs time and… you guessed it – time is money!
  • Do we have a real (human) contact with the news-maker? As a media partner of NBAA and EBAA we receive countless breathless news releases from member companies, desperately trying to get the attention of an increasingly social media addicted audience. When there are questions or clarifications, we need to know who to talk to. Not responding to a interview/ further question request is a surefire way to loose coverage!
  • Avoid mega-sentences and Google Translator! Proofreading and checking for natural flow is mandatory and if the English skills are lacking or the companies media agency can’t differentiate between “something flying in the sky” and your companies product, its time to hire a better agency.
  • Nobody has time to go on a wild goose-chase to find news about your company. Sending a link to Facebook, Youtube, or some company blog isn’t the way to get attention here. We understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. Please thank your new age disruptive global marketing expert employees  and marketing agencies for bringing this desperation upon your business.

People are getting bombarded with advertising everywhere in life, especially on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many news sources. Especially on news- websites, there are pop-ups, advertorials, display ads, paid links, paid mentioning, double clicks, and tons of affiliate marketing and lead generator schemes out there. We have to make money too, but really like to do things differently.

Especially the aviation community is a very difficult one to advertise to, everyone here realizes that. News releases full of hyperbole and exaggerations are a particularly bad way to accomplish this task. It makes little sense to complain about not being featured on Seaplane Magazine, without making sure that:

  • We receive your news releases in a timely manner by EMAIL and with a picture.
  • The submitted news release is relevant to our publication and of interest to our audience.
  • The release is answering the 5 basic W Questions to the point and without grandstanding or hyperbole.

We principally do not accept any Social Media messenger system as a means to communicate news and developments with us. In other words, if you don’t have time to send a proper release with a proper picture, nobody here has time to do the work for you. Feel free to reach out with questions any time! [email protected] is always open and all we really care for are Seaplane News! Try working with us, you may end up liking it.