Deserving A Closer Look: The Super Petrel LS

Super PetrelImage: Courtesy of Tim Buchanan

Deserving A Closer Look: The Super Petrel LS

Naturally our industry depends on the next generation of seaplane pilots to continue its rich and often status quo ridden heritage, which – traditionally – only allows the fewest and richest to participate. Among many manufacturers who have made this industry their revenue- home, one aircraft continues to pop up positively while scanning the online world for things to share with our readers: The Super Petrel LS. Its geared for the future!

Super Petrel

Image: Courtesy of Tim Buchanan

The first strange feeling about the plane is probably the fact that it’s a biplane which leaves many of those who’ve never flown one wondering about docking. Some may be dismissing it by default, simply because the design may not strike them. But in terms of keeping things very simple and straight forward to operate, the plane, in our opinion, deserves the highest marks. Not having flown one with none in Europe to look at or demo, doesn’t make telling our loyal readers much more than to go visit More than 350 units are killing bugs already which tells us that it seems to do quite fine in terms of simplicity and fun.

Super Petrel LS

Garmin G3X equipped Super Petrel LS

Especially the process of getting one is kept extremely simple. The plane basically comes fully loaded with the only selections for the buyer to make on selecting the paint scheme. For just $189.000 a buyer will get a versatile amphibious aircraft that is well equipped to tackle everyday beach-bum life and the machine looks like it will provide tons of fun. Like many manufacturers, the company is trying to build up a spot-sale inventory, but every time one is finished – a buyer shows up.

Shevy Shevalier, one of the demo pilots in the U.S., tells us that someone deciding to buy one today would probably wait no more than 6 months before delivery takes place. Definitely one of the companies and airplanes which represent #TheFutureOfWaterflying!

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