AERO Expo 2019 In The Rearview Mirror

Thanks to our sponsor AERO Volga for making our AERO 2019 Trip possible!

AERO Expo 2019 In The Rearview Mirror

The 2019 AERO Expo in Friedrichshafen is dubbed the Mecca of General Aviation in Europe. Airplanes and products which can’t be found anywhere outside of Europe will congregate in the small Lake Constance city. Like clockwork – and in anticipation of all the rich pilot people – every business seems to heavily crank up pricing for the 4 day show that leaves thousands of visitors looking for affordable lodging and food.

AERO 2019

Live Music and Russian Hospitality during Thursdays Party. Image: © Jason J. Baker/ sponsor AeroVolga treated us to a nice show about the Circumpolar flight of last year and it was good to see their display area constantly occupied by onlookers during the show. Experiencing Russian hospitality included food and beverages on Thursday night made the trip worthwhile for us. The Borey Amphibian turned some heads and we will be happy to see them enter the market with a strong presence.

Right across from the Borey were our friends of ATOL Aviation, unfortunately without their aircraft on display. The company experienced quite a setback during the 2018 mishap with an unintended canopy opening that left the aircraft in a high drag position and very difficult to bring down safely. We appreciated the opportunity to speak with the test pilots Ari and Ari and now await some more news and developments from them in the future and a quick return to full force.

AERO 2019

Fly Synthesis Catalina NG at AERO Expo 2019 – Image ©: Jason J. Baker/

The folks from Fly Synthesis had their Catalina NG flying boat on display and we had the opportunity to speak with owner/ demo-pilot Ulrich Dietz. The company is trucking on and adding the Jabiru 4 cylinder engine to the portfolio. Definitely a fun machine to travel around with and worth checking out via the Fly Synthesis website!

Those who know also know that we barely ever venture into the world of helicopters and flying contraptions containing too many spinning parts, however the two small Gyro-copters above caught our eye, not for their amazing beauty, but because they can swim.

AERO 2019

AERO CLUB COMO – Aero 2019 – Image: Jason J. Baker/

A special visit for us was seeing our friends from Aero Club Como, Italy and getting the opportunity to say hello to Marco Di Pilato and Cesare Baj. Both on limited AERO duty due to other commitments it was great to meet the passionate team and see the stand permanently occupied by people who informed themselves about getting their Seaplane rating in Italy. editor Chris Buckner is currently in Como and we look forward to his impressions and possible flight report.

Be advised, Cesare Baj is currently putting finishing touches on his newest book which we will proudly feature and review here as it connects the dots for those we really need to reach in order to secure #TheFutureOfWaterflying. Be prepared to see much more from our Italian friends here in the future.

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