SPA Raises Membership Fees In 2019

Membership Fees

SPA Raises Membership Fees In 2019

The Seaplane Pilots Association in Florida has announced a small increase to its membership fees which goes into effect June 1, 2019. Executive Director Steven McCaughey announced the coming changes in the associations newsletter on April 11 of this year. The organization was founded as a non profit corporation in 1972.

In the newsletter released, McCaughey highlights the fact that SPA attends more aviation events throughout the country, is conducting more seaplane safety seminars and workshops, and is involved on more fronts to “aggressively oppose attempts to deny seaplane access to waterways due to often misguided concerns over invasive species, safety and noise”.

At a Board of Directors meeting in February, representatives made the decision to increase membership dues to $59 for U.S. members and $69 for members outside the U.S., beginning June 1, 2019. The fee for a Lifetime Membership is increasing to $1,250, beginning January 1, 2020.

Seaplane Pilots Association publishes the Water Flying Magazine bimonthly and derives revenues fromĀ advertising, merchandise sales, the annual AirVenture Corn Roasts, donations, and member dues, with dues representing the largest single line item on P/L sheets. Source: SPA Newsletter, April 11, 2019

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