Tropic Ocean Airways Lawsuit Disposed

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Tropic Ocean Airways Lawsuit Disposed

Circuit Judge Hon. Nicholas Lopane has disposed the case which is on file under CACE18016421 The lawsuit, which was launched against two former Tropic Ocean pilots appears to have ended. The case had a lifespan of a bit over 9 months when it was filed DISPOSED on April 11, 2019. Disposal with prejudice usually means that the plaintiff is forbidden from filing a new lawsuit based on the same grounds. The disposal is following a settlement agreement between one of the pilots and Tropic Ocean, recorded on the courts website on March 12. The terms of the settlement are undisclosed, and so is the status of remaining defendants in the suit.

Tropic Settled

Image from File was made aware of the ongoing lawsuit in response to an opinion editorial about Non Compete Agreements. Due to the rarity of serious legal conflicts between companies and their pilots within the close-nit seaplane industry, developments became of editorial interest. The proceedings as they transpired may be of high interest to young pilots considering working for seaplane companies which require the signing of non-compete and non disclosure agreements as a condition of employment. With seaplane pilots being in high demand and low supply, obtaining legal consultation prior to signing agreements appears as an act of prudence.

Editorial Note: does not apply a popularity- contest style approach to determining its editorial direction and news- focus. Legal conflicts are not what we really wish to report about here, however the damage these conflicts cause are immeasurable and immense. Both, current and future pilots have a legal right and reasonable interest in learning about such lawsuits, which are considered public information, no matter how desperately they are kept from seeing the light of day. Basic journalistic credo requires to clearly differentiate opinion from news and to apply a common sense approach to facilitating factual and clear information. We did no less in our coverage. ~ Jason J. Baker (Owner/ Editor)

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  1. I’m sure many in the industry are glad to see this frivolous lawsuit hopefully coming to an end. Tropic claiming that they were damaged by Tailwind Air, and that the ex Tropic Pilots shared proprietary, and privileged internal information, was an absurd accusation.

    Close to 20 pilots have left Tropic over the last two years. The REAL purpose of the lawsuit was to stop this exodus, by threatening the current pilots with the fear of also being sued. In the short term it probably was successful, in the long run it will probably be their downfall….

  2. What a lot of wasted time and money just to show the world that Rob Ceravolo took his military leadership style into an industry that depends on people who enjoy their work. I wonder how the hiring game is going right now…

    Can’t imagine working in such a toxic environment. Its definitely embarrassing to the entire industry that Seaplane Pilots Association keeps this person as a field director (old boys club appearances) instead of ridding itself of representatives who put quick profits before people. Highly shameful.

    Thanks for the reporting on this, Jason. Nobody else cared or dared to put a light on this freakshow and I am sure many of your readers appreciate your candor.

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