Seaplanemagazine Looking For Guest Editors

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Seaplanemagazine Looking For Guest Editors

Here is an opportunity to become part of the coolest Seaplane News site on the planet! We could use help with news, events, stories, flight reports. Our editorial focus rests on seaplanes, flying boats, historic aircraft which swim. We feature passion, interest, luxury and adventure and our doors are open to like-minded people.

Join the Team as a frequent contributor!

As most of you know, the site is a pure product of passion and dedication, with now 32 contributors we have had the privilege of featuring some incredible stories from all over the world. From well known writers to people from all walks of life in aviation, we’ve seen great feedback and support. Sponsorship or advertising money has been incredibly difficult to gain for us in particular, so our budget is basically non-existent.

All of us are volunteer writers for the time being and until the financial challenges of the page can be supported by readers we can’t pay for articles, pictures or feature stories. Additionally, the course of the site is constantly adjusted to focus exclusively on the incredible adventure and fun of seaplane flying. We will continue to cover some news from the aviation industry, but the main focus on the site will be stronger on the uniqueness of what we get to do and enjoy in this industry. Our readership is young and upbeat about the future of flying.

How To Start?

Let us know what topic you would like to cover and if you would like to submit weekly, biweekly, or monthly columns. We are not looking for literature professors or highly technical writers, but would love a passionate and actively flying pilot who dares to step out of the silent mass and take the readers along for an event, a special flight, a trip report, or a story about their seaplane training. Somewhere between 500 – 1,000 words with pictures would be more than good enough. We can’t stress enough not to hold back for fear of not being able to provide a good story. Everything is edited and proofread prior to publication.

No Experience Required!

Many people are afraid to write or believe that their writing style isn’t sufficient for our publication. Some others think that their writing is far above our pay-scale. Email to Jason Baker, together with pictures will suffice. Contributing editors do get a profile so that their work appears under their name. In your bio, you have enough space to tell readers what makes you tick, what you do for work or anything you deem important for your followers to know.

 Reach Out To Get Started!