We’re Going On Limited Duty For Now

Limited Duty

We’re Going On Limited Duty For Now

Update From The Trenches — written by Jason J. Baker: Our most loyal readers have noticed and raised concern about our limited coverage for the last week. While answering reader emails is high on my priority list, here’s the official statement on the current situation and the multitude of reasons which go into the recent scaling back on articles and active outreach.


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Seaplanemagazine.com is foremost a product of passion. Those who have contributed to our content by and large love Seaplanes and Flying Boats and wish to see a healthy and prospering industry, happy and well paid pilots, prospering float and aircraft manufacturers and a good environment for hobby or career. But, as I have told many readers directly (and definitely more than enough companies) operating this website costs a healthy chunk of money and time. The time spent to provide a fresh article per day, 6 days a week is significant, especially if the person doing it is running a one man show.

Our site has one current sponsor which helps tremendously with the monthly expenses of hosting the site, however the loss of our main sponsor Wipaire – and the lack of interest in supporting this site from others – has triggered a few “rats tails” which are harder to deal with on a daily basis. This site is part of a business and as such has to meet revenue goals and targets. In the current environment and under doctrine of the current players, this is impossible to accomplish through advertising or sponsorships. We need readers to support the site.

As a first and high priority action-list item, I cancelled our entire list of Events for 2019 and along with it, several supporting memberships with various Seaplane associations. This first is of course is a double whammy, as events are important for networking and drumming up business and the latter is a whammy because supporting grassroots groups is what good players in this industry do.

No publishing outlet attends events for the fun of it, or to write heartwarming stories about cool companies – events like Oshkosh or Greenville are where the advertising is sold and deals are sealed. Suffering is the non-traveling reader, however this is how the cookie crumples. I’d love to sit on a high horse and tell everyone that I run this site on left-over petty cash – but I suck at blatant lying and I am a bad politician. As someone who has bills to pay and a family to support, my priorities will be on doing just that – at least until this websites revenue warrants the amount of time that is required to run it properly.

I missed my deadline of having our subscription system up and running by March 1, 2019 and then I missed my second deadline for April 1, 2019 and that has strictly legal reasons. As a media and publishing business, I am subject to stringent (dizzying stringent) tax and consumer data protection laws in the European Union and the only viable option to accept membership support is in the form of donations. The second I take this site into a subscription base – I will be part of the exclusivity problem we already have in this industry. Its not what we wanted when we started – hence I will not budge.

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The goal is now to have this water-tight and up up and running by the middle of the year, which – as you may have noticed – isn’t all too far away. The following three months will determine if the site may become available for acquisition, or continues as a hobby and just as now… as time permits. Thanks for the many emails and all the feedback so far. My Email is always open via [email protected]