ICON Aircraft Is Rightsizing Its Workforce

Icon RightsizingIcon A5 On Trailer. Permitted Use Picture

ICON Aircraft Is Rightsizing Its Workforce

Icon Aircraft is reducing its workforce by roughly 40%, in an effort to streamline the business for continued success in the future. “For long term success we need to make tough decisions”, Thomas Wieners told Seaplane Magazine during a media- news conference today, which was spontaneously called in on Friday. The reduction will leave roughly 450 employees working for ICON.

Icon Rightsizing

Icon A5 On Trailer. Permitted Use Picture

According to Wieners, ICON’s top priority is now to support affected employees through this transition. He points out that the remaining team is “incredibly strong” and will focus squarely on taking the company into the future.”

The revised business plan is a reaction to missing investor funds. While the remaining funding allows ICON to keep all core functions of the business operational, the tough decision to reduce staffing cost remains necessary, albeit it means a reduction in production rates. Currently, Icon is finishing between 5-10 aircraft per month for delivery. The companies internal and external relationships, including service provider network and flight training relationships will stay intact and hence remain unaffected.

“Our vision and commitment have not changed, and our adventure seeking owners love that the A5 delivers and unparalleled flying experience” Wieners says. Creating a new category is challenging but rightsizing the organization now is a necessary next step to that we can grow demand and continue to introduce more people to this incredible plane.

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FMI/ Source: iconaircraft.com