Swiss Waterbird From Jürgen Schelling

Jürgen SchellingImage Courtesy & Copyright of Jürgen Schelling.

Swiss Waterbird From Jürgen Schelling

Longtime aviation editor and former editor in chief of a well known German aviation magazine, Jürgen Schelling sent us a bunch of nice photos, which we will feed into our Seaplane Magazine over time. We appreciate pictures and videos from aviation and seaplane events around the globe. Caveat is that these pictures need to be received via Email, directly from the photographer – or with a written permission from said person – to feature them.

Jürgen Schelling

Image Courtesy & Copyright of Jürgen Schelling.

The Supercub featured here is the same as we see on most all pictures from our Swiss friends. In case you don’t remember, we featured a incredibly well done scale model of the Flaction Cub some time ago, much to the delight of its builder. Check out “Seaplane Passion In Amazing Scale Detail” to see the model.

We feature reader submitted pictures on Sundays and seaplane news and developments if and when they reach us by Email. Currently, most seaplane related companies wish to groom their popularity by portraying themselves among the pictures of the grandchildren, on Facebook and other short-lived Social Media sites. Unfortunately such is not a reliable news gathering resource for us. To reach out, email us via [email protected] and we’ll come around with coverage as time permits. Please refrain from invitations to aviation events, our travel budget is toast, however we will attend all expense paid trips.