Waterbirds Are What Keeps This Ticking

WaterbirdsImage: Courtesy & Copyright of David French

Waterbirds Are What Keeps This Ticking

With most seaplane related companies completely enslaved to Facebook and other popularity based (a)social media, our weekly coverage paints a bleak picture. No matter how hard we try, many companies happen primarily on Facebook & Co. Others haven’t figured out how to communicate beyond the level of “Like” that or “Share” this. Not what we stand for in this industry, not a game we are willing to play.  You want seaplane news? Get the companies you do business with to communicate.

Image: Courtesy & Copyright of Dave French at Seaplanetours.net

Readers make us tick, and no matter how few articles we can produce, our contact and conversation with our readers is healthy and active. Be that because we write inconvenient articles that have the big bosses huffing and puffing, or because we don’t play marketing manager kindergarten games to finance this show. Integrity has a price-tag and that price-tag sometimes doesn’t show a dollar sign and price – it simply spells “POPULARITY”.  We pay that with a smile, knowing that we do the right thing.

Did you take a picture which you would enjoy seeing featured on our magazine? Hit our editor by Email via [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly. Do you run a seaplane business and are tired of competing against pictures of the grand-kids on Facebook? If certain associations are on your paid marketing news list – it would be silly not to have us on that list, too… the news coverage is free with us!