Catalina G-PBYA Has A Busy Summer Schedule

Image: Courtesy & Copyright David Legg

Catalina G-PBYA Has A Busy Summer Schedule

Written by David Legg — The well-known and much traveled Catalina G-PBYA is having a busy summer of airshow appearances throughout Europe but managed to find time to fly a shareholder charter to Lelystad in Holland from its home base at Duxford, Cambridgeshire in the UK last week.


Hans Wiesman meets up with Catalina Society Editor David Legg

Piloted by Captain Matt Dearman and Co-pilot Steve Porter, Miss Pick Up’s arrival was much anticipated by a throng of Dutch enthusiasts keen to see another Catalina at Lelystad after the departure to the USA of ’their’ PBY-5A PH-PBY a few months ago.  G-PBYA was built as a Canso A for the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943 and has its own ‘fan club- see for more details of how to support us.

David Legg is the editor of The Catalina News.